The Healing Design helps save trees

Paper is becoming obsolete. Faxes have become emails. Statements that were previously mailed can now be found online. The Paperwork Reduction Act was established for the primary purpose of diminishing the number of documents handled by the United States government and the general public. [Full text] Conserving paper reduces the need to harvest trees. And in preserving forests, the lungs of the planet, we aid in maintaining the Earth.

Despite the current trend, the practice of expressing ourselves through the application of ink has endured. With electronic means not always within reach, and paper easily accessible, people often fall back on the age-old tradition of the scribe. Still, progress is being made.

Healing Design is an architectural firm with headquarters in Virginia. When their two main printers showed signs of impending failure, the Healing Design team took action. They contacted netmanos, inquiring about environmental friendly alternatives to their existing printing process.

Today’s equipment features intelligent ink dispensing technology that dries print quickly. This translates to more consistent results, less blotches and better quality. These new units can also print on both sides of the paper, utilizing its entire surface, even the margins. Printer upgrades can save a business both money and grief. Outmoded equipment is more likely to malfunction. Should this occur during a major job, the time and resources wasted impact deadlines and budgets. Such errors take conservation beyond a philosophical issue, and illustrate environmental concerns are often rooted in practical matters of efficiency.

Although we do not yet live in a paper-free world, small steps can make significant improvements. Combining a new printer with recycled or tree-free paper can have a noticeable effect on your business, whether your goal is to go green or just work smarter.

Contact netmanos today to find out how you can help save the world, one page at time.

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