The Meyer Group plays it smart

How often have you looked for an email only to realize that it was deleted long ago? In truth, the amount of email most mailboxes currently receive is many times larger than that of previous years. Voicemail has been replaced as the primary communication medium. Many contemporary business transactions take place without a single verbal exchange. Unfortunately, the positive impact of the history trail emails provide is countered by the burden of their impermanent archival nature.

What happens when that important, irreplaceable email is no longer in your inbox? This is the question The Meyer Group recently asked when a critical email needed to be recovered. The answer: access the backup. The Meyer Group instituted an automated archival process to store copies of their emails to a server on a weekly basis. Having a backup of all your electronic communications guarantees lost emails can be retrieved in a matter of minutes. It also provides a safeguard should something disastrous befall your computer. Replacing equipment is a relatively minor challenge, but would you be able to continue working efficiently if your emails permanently disappeared?

netmanos has been helping companies such as The Meyer Group to safely keep and recover their email as well as other sensitive data. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business guard against a preventable catastrophe.

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