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Small Business Specialist Whether your organization already has a computer network in place or has recently decided to implement one, netmanos can design, realize, and support your network infrastructure.

When designing a network topology netmanos begins by evaluating the client's needs and applying best practices. This provides a clean development plan and minimizes future adjustments.

netmanos implements the network infrastructure by setting up a Microsoft domain with any number of workstations and servers including but not limited to Domain and Backup Domain Controllers, Microsoft Exchange Mail Servers, File Servers, Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Servers, Backup Servers, Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Firewalls, DNS Servers, WINS Servers, and DHCP servers.

Finally, netmanos sets up and configures hardware equipment such as routers, switches, firewalls, wireless end-points, printers, and any other to accommodate your network infrastructure and provide one more weapon to your IT arsenal.

In addition to our custom solutions, netmanos offers monthly network maintenance and technical support plans. We support your network infrastructure through software and hardware troubleshooting, configuration, and repairs.

Network Maintenance and Technical Support Plans

Bronze Plan

  • 5 hours of technical support per month
  • 2 client site visits (same or next business day)
  • 1 service 24/7 monitoring

Silver Plan

  • 10 hours of technical support per month
  • 4 client site visits
    • 2 same day
    • 2 same or next business day
  • 3 services 24/7 monitoring

Gold Plan

  • 15 hours of technical support per month
  • 6 client site visits
    • 3 same day
    • 3 same or next business day
  • 5 services 24/7 monitoring
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