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Increasingly, businesses depend upon the uninterrupted operation of web-based applications where downtime is not an option. If a site is unavailable, public perception can turn on a dime.

To address these concerns, netmanos employs a fully redundant high-speed network based on state of the art technology. We conduct data backups on recurrent basis, placing Client precious information onto multiple failure safe backup mediums. Our technicians are monitoring our equipment around the clock, and are prepared to handle virtually any unexpected events that might otherwise cause downtime or loss of data.

Using a unique email addresses will help promote your company’s identity. netmanos’ email hosting solutions can be utilized to setup email accounts for everyone in your organization. Furthermore, POP and OWA email accessibility will allow you to send and receive email even when away from the office through a web browser or an internet capable device such as a PDA or a cell phone.

netmanos offers various web site hosting plans and services to support your organization’s requirements for reliable web accessibility. Coupled with our email and DNS hosting services netmanos offers a complete solution for your hosting needs.

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